Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Say It's So Joe...Say It's So

So Joe Torre is going to be "fired" as manager of the New York Yankees. It's inevitable people, deal with it. I can already hear the Yankee fans calling up sports talk radio - "We gotta keep Joe! Look what he's done in the past!", "He's the best manager in baseball, how can we get rid of him."

Yankee fans, Torre leaving is the best thing for you right now. let me explain.
  1. Torre isn't going to be fired, he's simply not being offered an extentsion. So the Yankee's won't be paying Joe for sitting at home.
  2. Torre isn't the best manager in baseball. In fact, before he came to the Cashcow that is the Yankees his managerial record was 894-1003 (.470). It wasn't until he had star players that he started winning World Series' and manager of the year awards.
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only person sick of seeing Torre sitting in the dugout like a bump on a log, showing no emotion, no matter what happens. I know the manager doesn't do much in baseball, that's why he's a manager and not a coach, but come on! Show some emotion Joe! Something, Anything!
Joe Torre's out, get Joe Girardi in. Girardi can handle the young players that the Yankee's are going to need to start bringing up from their farm system.

Reports say that Girardi and Yankee bench coach Don Mattingly are the top candidates if Torre doesn't return.

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