Monday, October 8, 2007

Bears take down the Pack...but will power shift in the NFC Central

First off, I will put this out there, I am a Bears fan. Take that in consideration when reading this, I feel I'm objective when it comes to this, but be forewarned.

Green Bay did got to 5...not five wins, but 5 turnovers. 5-0 was in the grasp of the Packers, but division rival Chicago continued their winning streak in Lambeau Field, winning 27-20 on Sunday Night Football. The Bears have won in Lambeau for 4 years straight.

Brian Greise did exactally what the Coach Lovie Smith wanted him to do, manage the game and not loose it. However, the Bears didn't really win the game, Green Bay lost it. Green Bay showed weaknesses that they hadn't exhibited in the first four games this year, and you can guarantee that Washington (coming off a dominating win over the Lions) is hoping that Greg Jones gets the ball every down.

All this being said, The Packers are still the class of the NFC North, At least as of right now they are. The Packers have, for the first time this season, real problems that they have to fix. If they can't plug the holes, the Bears and Lions are waiting in the wings to take back the lead in the division.

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