Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So it's finally happend...the ground feels so cold

Alright so it's finally happened. Brett Favre has retired. (Yeah I called that one a little early I guess)

While it's still not 100% that he won't change his mind in 2 weeks. He may come back after he's seen all the talking heads yapping about how he still has 3-4 good years left, and how he's got a great young team that's just starting to come together. But for some reason this just seems to fit.

Doesn't it though? I mean everyone when they first heard it was shocked, I know I was, but after thinking about it you start to realize it fits. If you believe the reports, he doesn't have any close friends left on the team, FB William Henderson was the last of those (Henderson was released last March). He's been toying with the retirement idea for over 5 years, He's wanted Randy Moss for 2 years and hasn't gotten him, and i'm sure he doesn't want to go through yet another training camp.

Granted he could have pulled a Strahan and just kept the packers guessing through half of training camp so he wouldn't have to go through it, But that probably doesn't go over well with a QB as opposed to a DE.

Either way I think this is legit, he deserves to walk away after the great year he and his team had. even if he did end his Career with an interception. That really conveys his career, he was a gambler. He'll throw more then his share of INTs, but with that you get a lot of TDs.

Even as a childhood Bears fan, I'll miss Brett Favre, and I'm sure all football fans will as well.

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