Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The East is "Lost" and the West finds "Other" means

(I actually took about 5 minutes thinking of that title...I found it to be quite clever)

The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching, a little over 60 hours and counting, and we've already had one of the most interesting trade seasons in recent NBA memory. When was the last time you heard names like Jason Kidd and Shaquille O'Neal going to new teams all in one season?

But there seems to be a slant to this trading barrage, it seems that the Western Conference has simply been raiding the Eastern cookie jar, and the East hasn't been able to do the same. If the league approves the deal, Kidd will go from the Nets (east) to the Mavs (west) and Shaq went from the Heat (east) to the Suns (west).

The East hasn't made any moves in that have helped its top teams. While the Celtics get a free pass becasue of the trading the made in the off season, the Magic, Cavs, Pistons, Raptors...none of these teams have made any moves to try and prepare themselves for the late season push. why not?

Does the East honestly think they can compete with the top teams in the West as they are right now? The West's 78% winning percentage in the NBA finals since 1999 tells a different story.

Bottom line, the West is going to win the NBA Championship again, more then likely (personally I think the Celetics could give a few Western teams a run). But the East is going to need Lebron to become the next MJ to shift the power again.

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