Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It Has Begun!

You know a lot of people were making the joke that it wouldn't really be football season without a Brett Favre story. Well a few weeks ago everyone got their punchline, but it seemed like that was it. Well now there's a whole years worth of jokes and punchlines to be made, but who's going to be laughing?

In case you've been living in a shanty in a remote village in China, you've heard that Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings earlier today, a contract worth somewhere between $10-$12 Million.

People had to know this was coming, they had to know that Favre was going to find a way to get on to the field this year, that he was going to find a way to play against the Packers this year.

Favre joining the Vikings makes the NFC North the most insteresting quarterback division in football. Every team has a story behind center this year.

  • Vikings - No explanation needed.
  • Bears - The rebirth of Jay Cutler or The decline of Jay Cutler
  • Lions - Can Stafford return the Lions to the top of the divison? or at least get them a win?
  • Packers - Was last year an fluke or is Aaron Rodgers the real deal?

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