Thursday, May 1, 2008

Did Obama Just Get the Tar Heels in Trouble?

Ok,for those who don't know, Yesterday Presidential candidate Barack Obama played a pick-up game with the University of North Carolina Tar Heel basketball team. If you haven't seen it, check the YouTube video right here...gotta admit he looks like he could hold his own a little bit.

But here's the "problem", it's possible that this game violated two NCAA regulations. First UNC Coach Roy Williams was at the game, and coaches are not allowed to view pick-up games in the off season. Second, the game was apparently mandatory for the team, and NCAA regulations state that their can be no mandatory athletic events during the period of finals (which started Monday at UNC).

The NCAA has already said they'll wave the violations because it was such a "special opportunity" for the team. Now, I'm not saying that the NCAA was right or wrong, but it makes you wonder. What do you think?

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